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Transaction Readiness

Frank, Rimerman's Transaction Readiness services help companies preserve enterprise value in a sale or financing transaction. Our expert team will conduct a due diligence risk assessment in anticipation of a company's future sale or financing in order to identify and address issues which may adversely affect valuation, timing, ability to close and other significant deal terms.

Transaction Readiness reduces due diligence risks and helps package a company for a sale or financing:

  • We know where to look. Our experienced team understands where buyers and investors focus due diligence efforts and helps organizations prepare for transactional due diligence by examining companies from that perspective.
  • We take an integrated approach. Our assessment does not focus on a single area but is an integrated review of key due diligence areas throughout the company such as financial, operating, risk, valuation issues and others.
  • We have the right technical skills. Our team combines extensive financial, analytical, investment banking and transactional experience.
  • We help preserve value and ability to execute. Our experience makes us efficient and effective working with management to assess and resolve identified issues before they can become deal points.

Although Transaction Readiness is not designed to provide full company due diligence, it will help identify issues which may arise in transactional due diligence so that management can remediate, mitigate or disclose the issues and eliminate them as potential risks to the transaction.

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