Top 5 New Sage Intacct Features – 2023 Release 2

Corinne Flores, Solution Engineer, here with some of the exciting new features coming out in the 5/12/2023 release. Check out all the 2023 R2 Release Notes to discover the ones that will benefit you.

1. Vendor & Customer link – Now goes to record

Have you ever clicked on the name link for a Vendor or Customer expecting to be go to the record only to be taken to the ledger report?… I have. Now that link opens the Vendor or Customer record in view mode!

• Provides quick access to the information you are looking for
• Note: To access the ledger report, go to Accounts Receivable or Payable >> All Tab >> Reports >> AR or AP Ledger

2. More Bank Feed data – Add more columns to bank transaction view

Do you need to see more information from the bank feed data? An expanded list of fields to include in the bank transactions list view is now available. Highlighted below are the new fields.

3. Contract product bundling – Kits now used for bundled offerings!

Are your products or services sold as bundles requiring a single item to be invoiced but multiple items for revenue recognition? Now you can create Kit items with components for items that are bundled together. For example you may sell a bundle of Software, Training and Support. The bundle has a selling price, and each of the component items has differing revenue recognition treatments. Adding the Kit item to the Contract automatically creates multiple lines on the Contract with only the Kit showing up on the invoice.

• Makes setup of Contracts with bundles faster and easier.
• Ensures linkage between bundles and their included products or services.
• Each component can have differing revenue treatment.
• Revenue allocation and revenue treatment can be adjusted at the Contract line component level.
• Note: Kit components items and Kit items will need to be setup first to enable this functionality. See the Release Notes for implementation considerations and restrictions. Simplify product bundling with kits (

4. GL Period Lock – Closed periods can now be locked

Have you ever had an issue with periods being reopened and posted to? If so, the new period Locking feature will help ensure that your reported financial statements remain unchanged.

5. Account group drill through – From account group summary directly to details

Have you ever wanted to drill down from the financial report summary amount for a detailed view of all transaction that makeup the amount? With 2023.2 this functionality is now available!

Bonus topic

Import templates are being converted to .xlsx formats. Now GL Journal Entries, AP Vendors, and AR customers have been updated and are available for you in the new format.


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