Top 5 New Sage Intacct Features – 2021 Release 3

Corinne Flores, Frank, Rimerman Consulting’s Solution Engineer here and this is my breakdown of the Top 5 Highlights that you need to know about from Sage Intacct’s new 2021 Release 3 update. 

1. Advanced CRM Integration – Now you can customize standard field mapping 

You have always been able to add custom mapping to the integration, but now you can modify the standard mapped fields.  This allows you to change the direction of synchronization or to inactive a field synchronization all together. Don’t need the Fax number, Inactivate it.  Want to be able to update addresses in either Salesforce or Sage Intacct, change the rule to Bi-directional.  I know a lot of you will appreciate that one!

2. Advanced CRM Integration – Contracts can now sync as Draft 

If your process requires Contracts integrated from Salesforce to be reviewed in Sage Intacct before posting, you can now sync the Contract in a Draft state.  A checkbox can be added to the Salesforce Contract page which sets the state to Draft when the record is created in Sage Intacct. 

3. Financial Reports – Budget Forecasts provide clarity with Full Current and Future periods 

Do you want to see the full period forecast amount for current and future periods? The new “Forecast – Full Periods” column type for financial reports provides greater clarity for forecast amounts. With this option, historical Actual amounts are shown through the last full prior period of the report and Budget amounts are shown for current and future periods. 

4. Accounts Payable – Vendor Remittance details as you choose 

The AP configuration has been updated to include choices for what to include with vendor remittance emails. You can set the option to not include the PDF payment copy. You can also choose to show a detailed list of payment information within the email body itself. This gives your vendors an immediate view of which invoices were paid without having to open the attachment… but if you want them to have the pdf as well that’s your choice. 

5. Contracts Billing – Combined billing by Bill To 

It is now much easier to combine billing for multiple Contracts.  With the new “Invoice by” options for Generate Invoices you can create an invoice for a single Bill To across multiple Contracts.  You can get even more granular by using the Bill To at the line level of the Contract or using a Project dimension as a billing filter. 

AND MORE… be sure to review all the Release Notes for 2021 Release 3 for more interesting and time saving features such as General Ledger Outlier Detection and Dashboard Messaging.