Top 5 New Sage Intacct Features – 2022 Release 3

Corinne Flores, Frank, Rimerman Consulting’s Solution Engineer here with just a few of the beneficial new features that were released on 8/19/2022 Check out all the Release Notes to discover the ones that will benefit you.

1. Contracts – Scheduled Contract Invoicing 

Save time and be more efficient with automatic Scheduled Contract Invoices.  Once you have turned on the preference in the Contracts Configuration and setup an Invoice Policy, Sage Intacct will take care of the rest.  Invoices can be created on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence and can be selected for different group characteristics such as Contract Type, Customer Type, or Location.  No longer will you have to take time to generate invoices or train someone new to cover this function when you are on vacation! 

2. Contracts – Evergreen Contracts & Conversions 

Have you struggled to manage Evergreen Contracts in Sage Intacct?  The new Evergreen Contract type introduced in 2022 Release 2 and the ability to renew a Contract as Evergreen included with this release will remove that issue.  Contracts can be created as Evergreen which means they have no end date.  For existing termed Contracts, you can renew them as Evergreen for all future billing.  Now Contracts will match the way that you do business.  The Evergreen type is also available if you initiate your Contracts in Salesforce and sync them to Sage Intacct! 

3. Accounts Receivable – Receive Payment for a single invoice 

When there is only one Invoice open for your Customer, why should you have to select it to apply the payment?  Now Sage Intacct has made the process more streamlined.  When you click Show Invoices, if there is only one open invoice it will be selected, and the payment automatically applied.  You still have the opportunity to review and confirm that the application matches the payment details before posting.  Check it out the next time you receive payments, but don’t blink because it will happen quickly. 

4. Accounts Payable – Split view for attachments  

We all love the ability to attach documents to the transactions in Sage Intacct, especially AP Bills, but it can be cumbersome to open them.  Now you can set a user preference to open the attachment in a split screen view next to the Bill, and to even to load the split screen automatically when the bill is opened.  How much easier can AP get when paired with AP Bill Automation (Early Adopter program at this time)? 

5. Cash Management – Create Credit Card transactions from Bank Data  

Using Credit Cards makes payment for recurring expenses easier but recording the transaction in Sage Intacct can feel like redundant work.  With Reconciliation Transaction Templates, the Bank Feed data can create the transaction for you.  The rule can look for specific characteristics of Credit Card data and use that information to create a Credit Card transaction posted to all the relevant dimensions. 

Special Notes! 

Training is now imbedded for some transactions (AP Bills & Pay Bills in this release).  Look for the megaphone next to your user name and then follow the link to the Product Tours.  This will take you through a quick description of key concepts for the transaction and then a link to a short demo video.  A great way to jump start training for a new user!