Just as each grape is unique, so are you and your business needs.

The wine industry is complex and full of unique business challenges.  From labor shortages to insurance, natural disasters and the potential impact of a recession, you face incredible obstacles as you deliver your unique product to consumers.

A Fruitful Partnership...

It takes a perfect mix of experience, deep technical knowledge and outside industry perspective to assist winemakers, grape growers and industry-allied businesses thrive in this competitive marketplace. For generations, we have helped ensure our clients’ commitment, hard work, knowledge and patience translate into tangible results.

For us, it’s not about profit. It’s a partnership to achieve your financial and operational goals.

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Our Services

From proprietary vineyard and winery projection models to coordinating transition planning and solving complex tax issues, we work with a wide range of businesses and business owners. Our in-depth knowledge is invaluable for wineries of any size

Our firm is well-known for its deep expertise in working with high-net-worth individuals. Leveraging this vast technical knowledge and expertise, we are able to assist our wine industry clients even in the most complex situations.

  • Global and domestic tax planning

    We take you from start to finish, tailoring our services from simple tax compliance to an integrated and sophisticated tax plan for your entire organization, minimizing your tax impacts and maximizing your savings.

    From structuring your entities to R&D and Disaster Relief Tax Credits and more, we can build a custom tax strategy to suit your business and personal needs.

  • Assurance & Advisory

    Our Assurance and Advisory group is focused on privately owned businesses. We serve a broad range of growth-driven industries with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurial companies. We employ a risk-based approach ensuring an efficient and effective audit. Our clients expect us to help them navigate constantly changing accounting rules, and they value our role as business advisors because of the time we invest to understand their unique business.

  • Merger & Acquisition and Transaction Readiness

    It is never too early for good planning. Preparing now for future financing or M&A activity can help anticipate, address or even avoid future issues, including those which might significantly impact transaction valuations. We bring our experience in both public and private transactions in a number of industries and across hundreds of transactions. We help you maximize your future deal potential.

  • Estate Planning

    What is important to you is important to us. Whether it’s planning for passing the land and business to the next generation or avoiding land use and tax complications during the transfer of property, you want a strategy that is customized to fit your vision and needs. Careful planning can provide control, privacy, financial peace of mind, and security of your legacy.


  • Business Valuation

    There are many variables that can affect the value of a winery. Beyond the different valuation methods and how they can be applied to the wine industry, there are unique, industry-specific factors to be considered. Our Business Valuation group is focused on addressing the complex and evolving valuation demands of a wide variety of tax, financial reporting and transactional situations.

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