Just as each business is different, so is the expertise needed to serve each industry.  We are familiar with the challenges you face in each stage of development.  Our industry expertise has developed over years of experience advising business leaders over the course of hundreds of engagements. Through close collaboration, we develop effective strategies to help you manage your business and succeed in the environment you operate. 

A deep understanding of the specific operating environment is critical to delivering the high-quality service expected by our clients.  Through our deep understanding, we anticipate and address your evolving needs, allowing you to grow along with your industry.  


  • Private Client

    With a personalized, client-centered approach, we help high-net-worth individuals and families to achieve the future they’ve always envisioned.

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  • Venture Capital

    From first-time funds to large portfolios, we guide you through the journey of building a venture capital firm. We bring the expertise expected by our billion-dollar funds and tailor it to fit the needs of a new fund manager.

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  • Life Sciences

    While you’re making breakthroughs, we will guide you through each phase of your business from start-up to clinical and commercialization, and even guide you through a successful exit.

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  • Technology & Software

    As the world becomes even more mobile and cloud applications continue to grow, our team is there to provide insight into your revenue and operations and help you obtain your brightest future.

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  • Consumer Products

    Staying competitive means new innovations for consumer product companies. We’ll focus on compliance and financial planning so you can focus on innovation and growth.

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  • Food & Beverage

    From farmers and real estate to supermarkets and restaurants, the food and beverage industry influences the local and global economy. You need a partner who understands the complex regulations and unique business demands that drive the need for continued innovation in your industry.

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  • Not-for-Profit

    Your work makes a meaningful difference in the world. We provide customized audit, tax and advisory services with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities you face so you can focus on fulfilling your mission.

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  • Real Estate

    Our experts provide you with a solid foundation for the uncertainties that lie ahead.

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  • Manufacturing & Distribution

    As you play a vital role in the foundation of our economy, we help you navigate the challenges you face including technological investments, regulatory audits and developing strategies to improve efficiencies and enhance profits.

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  • Wine

    Wine is not just an industry, it’s a community filled with people who are truly passionate about the industry. Through our work with hundreds of wineries and vineyard operations, we have the expertise to guide you through the challenges and maximize the opportunities you face in today’s environment.

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Our offices are located throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like to contact us, please call one of our office locations or send us a message.