Global and Domestic Tax

Doing business across multiple jurisdictions is a competitive imperative.  At the same time, understanding the numerous tax implications of your business activities can be a daunting challenge.  Our global and domestic tax teams can help you stay up to date on the latest compliance changes, manage potential risks and plan for a broad range of business outcomes.

Industries We Serve

While we serve a varied range of industries in the global and domestic sector, we particularly serve clients with broad geographic presence and unique tax circumstances. No matter where your business is located, our deep expertise in tax advisory will guide you through all your financial needs.

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Our Services

We specialize in providing tax and advisory services that recognize and address the complex nature of tax compliance, planning and risk management.

  • Tax Planning and Consulting

    Your tax situation is unique and requires an approach customized to your specific facts. We bring our extensive experience and help you formulate tax strategies and plans for the future. Although tax credits can be substantial, they can also be complicated and time-sensitive.  We help you find tax credits you are entitled to but which you may not be receiving or maximizing. We also assist clients in navigating the inevitable local and state tax burdens which are part of every business.

  • Transfer Pricing

    International operations with transfer pricing issues can be complex, labor-intensive and fraught with risk. We work with you to find an appropriate, accurate and cost-effective approach to documenting economically-justifiable transfer prices. 

  • Transaction Planning

    It is never too early to prepare for a future financial transaction.  Tax issues can significantly impact deal valuations or in some cases even its viability.  We work with you to prepare for future tax considerations and to address issues proactively.

  • International Taxation

    Whether you are just launching your international ambitions, are already an established multinational, or are encountering new international tax complexities, our international experts and global network can help with structuring, expansion or transactional planning.  

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