Business Valuation

Our Business Valuation Group is focused on addressing the complex and evolving valuation demands of a wide variety of tax, financial reporting and transactional situations.  Our team of appraisers includes Certified Public Accountants, financial analysts and accredited appraisers and CFA candidates who have significant experience across numerous industries.

Industries We Serve

While we serve a broad spectrum of industries, we have extensive experience with venture-backed, technology-driven and many other companies that can present unique valuation challenges at different points in their growth cycle.

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Our Services

Our valuations are part of an integrated approach to our clients’ specific business context, and we work closely with other service lines within Frank, Rimerman. The quality of our valuation work exceeds the standards set by Big Four valuation scrutiny, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inquiries and Internal Revenue Service exams.

  • Equity Security Valuations – IRC 409a & ASC 718

    Stock based compensation comes with strict measurement, compliance and reporting demands, supported by rigorous valuations.  For both IRC 409a and ASC 718, we determine the fair market value of a  company’s stock in the context of both simple and complex capital structures. While we routinely work with VC backed private companies at all stage of development, we also have expertise performing valuations for closely held companies with all different types of ownership structures.

  • Valuation for Gift and Estate Tax Planning

    Estate and gift tax valuation are an ever-changing landscape of laws, regulations, and court decisions. Tax implications of estate planning and gift and estate tax valuations can be significant and are magnified by the penalties that can be imposed on taxpayers for undervaluation for gift and estate tax purposes and overvaluation for charitable contribution purposes. Our Valuation and Tax experts frequently team to help clients navigate current IRS regulations, guidance and acceptance.

  • Broad Valuation Expertise

    We have experience in a wide range of transaction-related valuation situations, including:

    Purchase Price Allocations & Fair Value Measurement – ASC 805 & ASC 820

    We can produce valuations required for purchase price allocations, especially those involving intangible or hard-to-value assets.

    Transfer Pricing

    Along with our International Tax practice, we can assist with intangible asset values and related-party pricing and intercompany transactions.

    IRC 280G

    We assist with valuing so-called “Golden Parachute” payments to employees, officers and directors under IRC 280G.

    IRC 382

    We work with our tax department to help clients evaluate the use of net operating loss (NOL) carryforwards after an ownership change.


Head of Business Valuation

Cameron Hendricks



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